The Charleston Convention Center and Coliseum in West Virginia on February 13, 2021. Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images

At my makeshift work-from-home desk on our dining table, my Mac, iPhone, and iPad were all open to Best Buy’s page for the PlayStation 5. A few feet away from me in his home office, my husband, Max, also had his Mac, iPad, and iPhone open to the same Best Buy page. As the clock on our devices edged closer towards 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, all I could hear was the sound of our furious repeated tapping of the refresh buttons on all six of our devices as we both stared intently at our respective clocks. …

Cats bred with exaggerated facial features like round, flat faces, and big eyes, might be harder to understand emotionally.

Potato, a British shorthair with a brachycephalic face. Image courtesy of Grant Conboy

It takes Potato, an eight-year-old British Shorthair cat, forever to eat. Her owner, artist Grant Conboy, says that this isn’t because of her couch-potato temperament as her given name implies. “The bowl just becomes too deep for her face because she has a flat face, eating in a bowl… the geometry of it doesn’t work out.”

A British Shorthair cat’s skull is brachycephalic, its defining characteristics being a very shortened muzzle, shallow eye sockets and narrowed airways that can cause breathing…

Photo: Luc Huyghebaert via Unsplash

“Almost every respiratory virus we carry will also make it to the great apes,” says Dr. Fabian Leendertz, a primate infectious disease ecologist at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Africa faces another possible outbreak, one which has the potential to wipe out an entire species. “The main thing is to avoid [an outbreak] happening.”

The consensus is almost universal amongst those studying primates. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released a statement referring to the coronavirus by its scientific name, giving official guidelines to the same effect: “It is safest…

Your insta-worthy beauty “shelfie” is causing an ugly environmental mess.

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

“My favourite look I was a part of [this season] would be the look Sam Bryant created for Preen,” says Quelle Bester, 31, as she meticulously lays out her makeup kit. “The models were made into these living religious statues, so we gave their skin this hyper glow and then layered on gold leaf over their ears and faces, as if they had broken free of their plaster casts and come to life,” she continues. Preen was sponsored by MAC Cosmetics. The key products Bester used was Strobe Cream, which…

Photo: Ziga Plahutar/Getty Images

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a CVS, chances are you’ve crossed paths with a receipt worthy of a gold medal performance in rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympics. “Why are CVS receipts so long?” is a popular topic on social media. The slick, flimsy paper tentacles have extended themselves into internet culture with people posting pictures of themselves next to a receipt as tall as they are, dressing up as a CVS receipt for Halloween, and even invoking them in royal wedding memes.

But behind the innocuous folly is an environmental — and health — crisis. Every year, the…

Illustrations: Rachael Uriarte

“A Race We Can Win” is the tagline of the upcoming 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. Much of the conversation surrounding the summit focuses on halting the effects of climate change on humans. If we reduce our emissions, if we have just two children, if we mobilize the youth, we can “win the race.” Nestled between common sense plans like mitigation and adaptation, the summit is also looking at what are called Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). The NBS work plan focuses on agriculture and food supply systems, regenerating land and water ecosystems, and the “enabling of all people to connect to…

Why the urgent need wildlife crossings across Los Angeles and Southern California, affects us as much as mountain lions.

Illustration by Rachael Uriarte

The Cat That’s Lost The Cream

Stuck in a habitat ghetto fenced in by freeways on which hundreds of thousands of cars roar past every day, Santa Monica mountain lions find themselves on the brink of extinction.

Fewer than 15 mountain lions currently pace around just 275 square miles in and around the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, an area which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the 405 and 101 freeways, farms, and Los Angeles’s massive urban sprawl.


Rachael Uriarte

British. Writer and Conservationist. Child of the Commonwealth.

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